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On 23-26 May people from across the continent will have a chance to shape the future of Europe they want to see. The question is, will there be a space for young people to have their voice heard?

The road to a new European Parliament must include youth! The European Youth Forum’s #ChangeIsComing campaign aims to amplify young people’s vision, ideas and opinions and bring European democracy closer to us, as young Europeans. We are calling on every political party and every candidate to engage with us, listen to us and represent us!

Why do we need change?

The 2019 European elections will take place at a pivotal time for the European Union, as its future is questioned and challenged more and more. Inadequate responses to the financial and economic crises, to combating climate change, poverty, and to addressing rising inequalities, have put its future at risk. While young people remain the most pro-European generation, European politicians should be mindful of their responsibility to offer positive visions for the future. The European Union needs to be reinvented, injected with fresh ideas and visions, to transform itself into an entity that young people want to engage with.

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