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An archbishop in Poland has warned of a "rainbow plague" amid ongoing tensions in the country over gay rights. …

The US and the European Union have signed a deal to settle their former dispute over beef imports, US President Donald Trump says.

The body of a man who went missing during a police operation at France’s Fete de la Musique last month has been found. …

"The gadgets range from .30 calibre machine guns, the crowd-favourite ejector seat, oil slick, nail dispenser, rotating number plates, all in all, there are 13 fully-functional gadgets on this car," said Sotheby’s car specialist.

A restaurant owner in Greece said she had served Boris Johnson Greek food and once told him that if he were a doll, he would look like Barbie. …

At the end of 2018, a bag of coffee cost the average UK coffee drinker €6.50 however coffee was selling at just $1 (0.89 cents of euro). So how come there is such a disparity between the market value and its retail price?

It’s been a dramatic first season of Raw Politics. Watch the highlight reel to see some of the best moments during the show from MEPs, journalists, students, and all other guests. …

Britain’s finance minister Philip Hammond said on Sunday he would resign on Wednesday before his expected sacking by the favourite to become Britain’s next prime minister, Boris Johnson, takes office. …

After the Aquarius, which sailed from 2016 to 2018, SOS Mediterranee is going back at sea with the Ocean Viking.

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