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Supporters of Italy’s 5-Star Movement took part in a confidence vote over the leadership of Luigi Di Maio, after a bruising defeat in the European elections. …

More than 750,000 EU citizens have applied to stay in UK after Brexit so far, the Home Secretary has said. Here’s where they’re from.

Much of the of #EP2019 European election battle took place on social media. Which candidates had the most engagement? …

Written on their faces: Watch candidates react to EU election results

Hundreds of thousands of children and young people are walking out of lessons around the world on Friday as the school strike movement continues to snowball. …

More than 5000 children attended the event called "Soccer we love" at the presence of the pope, who impressed everyone with his ball twirling skills, helped by a freestyler who joined him during the audience in the Vatican.

Watch: Theresa’s 10 points on how her new Brexit deal is different …

"When we go to help refugees and find dead children, in their eyes we see the souls and eyes of our own children,” said diver Stelios Hatziandreou.

Switzerland — one of the most heavily armed countries in Europe — will vote in a referendum Sunday to comply with stricter Schengen Zone gun laws. …

Tel Aviv counted down to the Eurovision Song Contest final on Saturday (May 18) after a week of parties and protests

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